If you've been looking for a sign, this is it...

 The Mind Re-Mapping & Manifestation Retreat

Register for this transformational weekend if you want to:

1) Break through your mental blocks & 10X Your business and Your life

2) Clarify your Core Values & Leave Knowing Your Purpose & Living with Meaning

3) Create your future by design by eliminating your internal obstacles - Stop self sabotage & create the life you truly desire. 

4) Adopt the ultimate "abundance" mindset, structure your life for fulfillment and achievement, and attract exactly what you want without being overwhelmed in the process.
Transform your mind, your business, and your life

Chateau Elan Luxury Winery & Resort

February 1st, 2020 8am-4pm

Braselton, GA (Just outside of Atlanta)

(Optional VIP Sunday 'Mindset Mastery Brunch' February 3rd, 9-11am)

Release Internal Blocks, De-Program Negative Thoughts, and Attain That "Jedi" like Mindset that Will Have You 10X Your Focus, Performance & Results in Your Business & Your Life

All action begins with thought.......and Thoughts are things, and powerful things at that
~ Napoleon Hill 

So What Is Going To Be Covered In this

Transformational Day Long Retreat?

Here’s Just a Sample of What You’ll Learn At This Powerful, One-Of-A-Kind Retreat

LESSON 1: Honoring Values

Your journey begins by laying the groundwork for your “new self”. In this lesson we will take you on the journey

LESSON 2: Creating Your Word With Power

We can’t possibly talk about manifesting the life you want without talking about integrity and the power of your word. And, not just honoring your word to others, but just as importantly, honoring your word to yourself. We’ll show you how honoring your values and you word creates a powerful access to the life you desire.

LESSON 3: Overcoming Internal Obstacles

No one likes to talk about it, but we’re going to address the toughest conversation you’ll ever have….the conversation you have with yourself. We’re going to do a deep dive into the Limiting Beliefs and Emotions that keep us stuck...and we’ll give you the simple tools to ‘erase’ the thoughts as easily as you would a blackboard.

LESSON 4: BREAK(through)

Though most people would simply call this a “lunch break”, we know better. This specially designed ‘break’ will allow your subconscious to process what you've learned in the first three lessons and ‘prime your brain’ for the transformation you’ll experience in the second half of the day.

LESSON 5: Creating a Future By Design

There is a saying, “without vision, the people perish”. We believe without vision DREAMS perish. In this lesson you’ll learn a powerful technique that goes far beyond simple “goal setting” that literally allows you to write the script to your life.

LESSON 6: Adopting The Abundance Mindset

After discovering the power of integrity and how it impacts your life, we’ll reveal our “Say It So” process to show you how to use your WORD to create your LIFE, and How to put the structures in place to actually have it happen with velocity!

LESSON 7: Structures for Fulfillment

You’ll discover how to attract all the people, opportunities and resources you need to accomplish virtually anything you want for your life… without beating yourself up, feeling “weak” or being bogged down by others expectations of you.


Disable the "doubt switch" in your brain to have confidence in every area of your life...when it matters most

Finally uncover the hidden blocks that create a mental “ball-and-chain” and slows you down and keeps you stuck.

Get access to a toolbox of “mind hack” techniques that will break you free from the prison of disempowering thoughts that used to hold you back.    

 Mouth to manifest: The ability to say what you want and actually have that thing show up in your life with velocity.

 Gain the confidence and ability to enroll others into your vision to get the emotional support you need to make your dreams a reality

Will walk you through a painless, yet incredibly powerful exercise that will allow you to easily identify, erase, and eliminate any negative thoughts, just as easily as you would erase a blackboard.

Expand your paradigm of what’s possible to easily and effortlessly step outside of your comfort zone and pursue the path that you’ve been putting off for years.

Completely release yourself from the debilitating grip that Imposter Syndrome has stopped you from following your heart and pursuing your dreams

Give yourself permission to explore “who you really are” and discover “what your really want” and what’s important to you based on your "Soul Values" -- not what people think you’re ‘supposed’ to be



  • Your Day will start with a fresh continental breakfast complete with coffee, tea, water and other beverages.

  • The Workshop begins at 8am where Dr. Maiysha & Dr. Mani will combine training, interactive fun and engaging exercises, with meditations, and deep transformational work.

  • We will break for lunch at 12pm, and a buffet lunch will be served compliments of us.

  • The day will resume at 1pm, and we will continue our transformational session.

  • The workshop concludes at 4pm, and you will be free to tour the grounds, take advantage of the spa amenities, or just reflect on the day's events and rest.

  • For those who want to join us we will reconnect at 6pm for a group activity

  • Dinner is on your own, or you can join each other and network together

  • Sunday morning for those who choose to upgrade to VIP status, Brunch will begin at 9am and will end at 11am.

  • During this time you will have the opportunity to interact more closely with Dr. Mani and Dr. Maiysha, ask them questions and get a little 1 on 1 time with your experts

***Check out is 11am


Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne is a trained integrative family physician, the founder of Stress Free MD and Next Level Physician Entrepreneur’s Institute. Best known for her down to earth personality, authentic humor, and out of the box thinking style, Dr. Maiysha is passionate about helping her physician colleagues who may be unhappy and unfulfilled create careers they love.


As CEO of Stress Free MD & the Next Level Physician Entrepreneur Institute, she passionately shares her expertise on career transition, business, and entrepreneurship because she is committed to the satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment of her fellow  physicians. Her own struggle with burnout is what inspired her to create her signature success pillars that has helped thousands of physicians turn their careers and their lives around

Dr. Clairborne has a passion for delivering trainings, workshops, keynotes, and retreats. She has delivered her trainings in arenas such as the International Conference on Physician Health, CPR in Progress: Physician Women's Wellness Conference, and the internationally held WELLMED Physician Conference. She’s also provided trainings on burnout and career building for several academic institutions including Emory University & Morehouse School of Medicine. A powerful and valuable coaching asset, Dr.Clairborne severs as a coaching resource to such companies as The Happy MD, VitalWork Life, & Healthy Healer Program through Carolinas Medical Society.

Dr. Maiysha’s training journey began at Emory University completing her Bachelors in Psychology. She completed her medical degree at Morehouse School of Medicine, and her Family Medicine Residency at Florida Hospital.

Dr. Mani Saint Victor

Dr Mani Saint-Victor is a business and life transformational guru for doctors, speakers, performers and artists, and coaches of all genres. His unique methods help his clients design their personal lives with more free time, greater earnings and effective work-life integration. He is highly niched by choice, collecting the most effective methods even if they bend or break the rules. His transformational program is for thinkers without filters, for instinctive doers and people who will both approach the edge and step off it. Dr Mani is a Harvard-trained physician, visionary leader, co-author of the Amazon Best Selling "Thinking About Quitting Medicine series. He is also a hypnomusician, specializing in trance inducing and state changing hypnotic music. His work is available on all major music platforms. A true polymath, he’s brought much-needed science to the fuzzy world of self-improvement, and he’s equally at ease with everyone from billionaires to Tibetan throat singers.

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